Dubhghlas Kraus lives in Roanoke, Virginia with his wife Janice, their three dogs Rebel, Dixie and Sassy, and cat, Othala.

Doug is currently working on Darkness: A Collection of Stories Volume 2, and a historical novel.

What is Darkness?

Darkness is not only the absence of light,
but the absence of heart, of spirit, of mind.
The gripping fear of the loss of youth and health,
hopes and dreams, identity and memory.
Loss of loved ones. Of carrying on alone.
It is not merely the stuff of horror in literature and film,
but the real darkness we see and hear about every day.
Of senseless cruelty.
The side of humanity that dwells
on the other side of goodness,
righteousness, and compassion.
Darkness is a waking nightmare.
It is fear, paranoia, amnesia, depression.
Emptiness of life. Contemplation of death.
It is victimhood, and it is vengeance.
Though we have cause to fear it,
though we may deny its presence,
darkness exists at some time and in some form
around us and within us all.


Here are six stories.

There is the novella, Lost Woman The story of a couple planning a last camping trip before their favorite mountain campground permanently closes, and some very undesirable characters who aid in the escape of a convict who hole up in an abandoned farmhouse.
Eleven-Fifteen, the short story of a boy adopted by a wealthy family, but is never made to feel a part of the family.
Old Dog Old Man, a novelette, is the story of a man growing old and infirm, with no family left but his old dog.
Brothers, a short story, is the tale of a young biker who takes a country road, an older biker now alone in the world, and the memories they share.
Long Story Short. A novelette. Imagine awakening wet and freezing on the bank of a river, having no memory of how you got there – or even who you are.
Darkness. A Novella that speaks of darkness that exists on many levels. Loss of love and hope, of heartless beings who abuse animals, of the dark web, vengeance, and redemption.

No, Darkness: A Collection of Stories isn’t about zombies, werewolves or vampires. It’s about the darkness that is all-too-often real. The darkness that we see, hear about – or experience – in the world we call reality.

I hope you enjoy them.

Teitheann fiú an oíche is dorcha ag éirí na gréine.
Even the darkest night flees at sunrise.

Reviews for Darkness: A Collection of Stories ★★★★★ The writing was exceptional for a first-time author and the stories kept my interest. ★★★★★ Wonderful stories full of feelings you won’t forget! Excellent book. ★★★★★ Great book. Highly recommended. ★★★★★ I really can't pick a favorite of these stories as they all tug at my heart. ★★★★★ The author writes so well I am looking forward to everything else he will write! ★★★★★ I suggest a box of tissues should be within reach ‘cause if I teared up you are likely to also. ★★★★★ The author balanced the darkness in these stories with the light of humor and grace. ★★★★★ His characters seem so real . . . I love the author’s writing and can’t wait for more stories. Thank you Dubhghlas! ❤ ★★★★★ The author writes with heart about these subjects and draws us into the character's lives so that we experience the pain, the illness, and the horror along with the protagonists as well as joy as they see a light at the end of the tunnel that is their darkness.