My name is Dubhghlas Kraus --it is pronounced Douglas. Darkness, my first collection of stories, will be available on Amazon in a matter of days.

About the author

Dubhghlas Kraus

Dubhghlas is a talented author who also designed his own cover.  He loves dogs, cats and his wife, Janice.

Praise for Darkness

It was with trepidation that I sat down to edit the six stories written by first-time book author Dubhghlas Kraus. Human beings have an innate fear of darkness that started when our prehistoric ancestors sat around the campfire attempting to dispel darkness and all that came with it after the sun set. This primordial fear is still with us today, though it isn’t necessarily darkness, or the absence of light, that we are afraid of, but things we associate with darkness: death from illness, murder, sexual abuse, mental abuse, loneliness or depression to name a few. So, what scary things would Darkness be about, I wondered?
All of us have had some form of darkness in our lives; Perhaps the death of a loved one, or a beloved dog injured or killed after being struck by a car, the possibilities are endless. Dubhghlas writes about dark events that happen to the protagonists in each of his stories and writes with such passion that you feel the pain the dark event produces along with the character. Each time I read Old Dog Old Man I cried, even after I knew what was coming! What makes these stories stand out is that Dubhghlas intersperses humor, love and even technical knowledge along with the dark events and produces a story with heart; of seeking a light, however distant, at the end of the tunnel.
You will cry while you read these stories and you will laugh when you read these stories because Darkness is, after all, about you and me.
Gail Lambert, Editor
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